About Anita Dizdar

A native of the former Yugoslavia, Anita Dizdar attended 
RKUD Pelagic folk dancing school and played team handball 
for eight years for ZRK Mlados in her hometown of Banja 
Luka, representing Bosnia and Herzegovina for three years 
in her mid-teens. Beginning at age 16, Anita Dizdar 
watched her country become ravaged by war, and she tried 
to help others while learning to survive and live with 
limited resources. Three years later, in 1994, with the 
country still at war, the International Organization for 
Migration relocated Anita Dizdar’s family to Seattle, 

Drawn to children, Anita Dizdar accepted a position in 
Washington as a Teacher’s Aide. Recognizing the challenge 
parents face without enough resources, she became 
determined to open her own daycare facility. Waiting for 
the right time, Anita Dizdar next joined Seattle-Tacoma 
International Airport (Sea-Tac) as a Lead Sales Associate 
in a gift shop while pursuing paralegal and business 
administration studies at Highline Community College in 
Des Moines, Washington, and Renton Technical College in 
Renton, Washington. She earned an Associate of Arts degree. 
When her father experienced a stroke in 2004, Anita Dizdar 
devoted herself to his recovery. She gave birth to a child 
in 2005 and again began to envision opening her own daycare. 

Through the State of Washington, Anita Dizdar has obtained 
a license to provide daycare as Rainbow Kids LLC. 
Unfortunately, the economy has not yet cooperated, and plans 
to open the facility remain on hold. Anita Dizdar remains 
active in childcare by volunteering at a local elementary 
school where she enjoys the interaction with children. 
Currently, she works as a Relationship Manager in the 
banking industry in Renton, Washington. 

In addition to aiding the Renton School District as a 
classroom volunteer, Anita Dizdar supports Public Safety 
Employees Union 519 and regularly donates to Goodwill 
Industries International, Inc. Although 17 years have 
passed since Anita Dizdar left Bosnia and Herzegovina, 
Banja Luka remains in her heart, and she still dreams of 
living in her hometown.

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